Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Wall Paper

Most evenings I am progressing my stitched samplers for Sumptuous Surfaces. The course has concluded now but I am still working on Lesson 2, such is the content and inspiration of Sharon's course notes.

Over the past week or so I have been working on a stripped design, aiming to fill each vertical stripe with a different texture, some low relief and some more textured. At the moment, I am particularly fascinated by pulled work, so these have featured heavily.

The area on the left is filled with satin stitch worked in a zig-zag pattern over a 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 threads, #8 cotton perle. Actually, I am a little pleased with this bit. Random usually terrifies me, but for once, I just went with it, rather than trying to work out a random pattern.

To the right is cobbler filling, also worked in #8 cotton perle. Nothing random here, a straight forward pattern.

These two areas are seperated by a row of Portuguese Stem Stitch worked in 12 strands of Soie Cristale. Sharon had commented on an earlier sample of this stitch that it worked well in thicker threads, so I decided to give it a go. I agree, the thicker thread shows the stitch of well.

I enjoyed working the zig-zag satin stitched so decided to try it again, this time in a regular pattern over 6 threads, again in #8 cotton perle. I really like the pattern created in the fabric.

Next, I worked a stripe in four sided stitch. Again, this is a regular pattern and it creates a lovely texture. These 2 stripes are seperated by a line of heavey chain, stitched in Mulberry Silk.

From a question posed in the class forum, and rereading the instructions, I realised that my earlier attempts at Portuguese Stem Stitch were not stitched correctly (although I like them as they are) so I tried again, wrapping the stitch twice as per the instructions, rather than once, as I had done previously.

I worked two rows, one going up and one down, expecting to get a mirrored effect, but I realise now that I should have worked both rows in the same direction, but one left-handed and one right-handed. Between them I worked a row of cable stitch in a twisted rayon.

Happy stitching


Elisabeth Braun said...

Got some fascinating stitches and samples there, Carol-Anne! Quite a change from JE too, huh? Almost tempted to try it myself, but I have enough trouble keeping up (not that I'm *ever* caught up) with my C&G work!

Mary Corbet said...

Hi, Carol-Anne!

These samples are positively TERRIFIC. They look great! I was trying to figure out your first attempt at Portuguese knotted stem stitch. I thought, "Wow, it sure does look different with thick thread - the knot is completely worked into the stitch!" Despite the ... er.... "mistake," I think it was a happy mistake. I like the first attempt a lot! It looks like a nice, smooth heavy braid, and makes a really pretty divider.

What fabric are you using? Is it a congress cloth? or linen? Or...?

What a fun sampler! I started doodling up a whitework sampler that incorporates pulled and drawn threads, schwalm work, mountmellick techniques, etc. You've inspired me to keep going on that.... once time allows!

Thanks for the fun post!

Miss 376 said...

I love looking at all the stitches you have used, makes me wish I had taken the course now!

maggi said...

These samples are looking very effective. I have to confess that the lessons have taken a back seat to Christmas cards and presents lately - one more to do then I can get back to the hand sewing again