Sunday, 18 November 2007


I've been sent this lovely charm by Pat Winter for making a Comfort Doll. Thank you so much Pat, while there was no need for you to send anything, I am thrill and honoured to receive my charm. I really enjoyed making the dolls; it is we that owe you something for all that you have done towards this project. Thank you.

A few people have expressed interest in making Fairy Shoes. I am happy to say that they are a project in the current edition of Stitch by the Embroiderer's Guild. It doesn't say on their website, but I think the article must be by Annette Emms.

Happy Stitching

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Pat Winter said...

Carol Anne, I appreciate your time, talent and caring heart. The charm is a tiny token of my appreciation and I am happy you liked it.Thank you for your contribution to the Comfort Doll Project.