Saturday, 8 September 2007

The Pink Lady is Done

© Jennifer Ashley Taylor/Carol-Anne Conway

I think you can just about see, in this photograph, the difference that the pearlescent thread makes to the flat silk; it just adds a subtle hint of shimmering mother-of-pearl.

I am feeling more confident about the second wing now that I have completed the left-hand hind wing. The two wings appear more balanced than before. I still think the stitching on the right is better than on the left but I do not think that I will be removing it.

© Jennifer Ashley Taylor/Carol-Anne Conway

This butterfly really does look the way I imagined it when I was transferring the design. I love the way the two forewings sweep upwards and I have couched two pairs of #4 silver in the space between the segments of the wings to reinforce that effect. While the overall look of this butterfly is dainty and feminine, I think these two lines convey a sense of strength and stability. These are characteristics that I associate with my Mum and she has been a rock for me throughout my life.

© Jennifer Ashley Taylor/Carol-Anne Conway

So, I am half way there and this is how the three completed butterflies look together.

© Jennifer Ashley Taylor/Carol-Anne Conway

During the stitching, I was a little concerned that The Pink Lady is going to be too bright and dominate the entire picture. Seeing the three together, I am less concerned and keeping in mind what I have planned for the remaining butterflies, I think that the whole design will be balanced when done. It is common practice to stitch tissue paper over completed elements to protect them while stitching the remaining elements. Because I want to keep an eye on how the separate butterflies interact with each other and affect the overall dynamic of the design I have not done that. Instead I cover the completed stitching with a sheet of tissue paper and take a lot of care.

Happy Stitching


Sequana said...

My friends and I have been with you all along. It's becoming so beautiful, I don't see how it could be any MORE gorgeous, but I know it will.
You have such great talent.

KV said...

The pink lady is beautiful and your work is exquisite. This will become a most masterful piece.

Kathy V in NM

Glaucia said...

It´s sooo beautiful!Your work is enchanting, and I also like the way you share the whole process with us.
By the way, thank you for your comment in my blog.
Hugs from Brazil

Melissa said...

It's just beautiful!!! I think they are all working well together and just look amazing!

Vivian said...

Your pink lady is gorgeous!

coral-seas said...

Thank you all for your lovely words. I feel very encouraged by your comments and am so pleased that you visit the blog to follow my progress.


Kiwi Ellen said...

Simply beautiful..