Wednesday, 2 May 2007

TAST Running Stitch

Without Internet access, I knew that I would miss a couple of weeks TAST while away. I usually take some stitching on holiday with me, even though experience tells me that I rarely find time to sit still and stitch. I thought I would pick my own TAST and choose Running Stitch, partly because I thought it would be easy to pick up and put down when ever I had a few minutes, and also because I had read an article some time ago about Kantha embroidery.

Kantha, traditionally, are created by quilting together several layers of fabric taken from old worn out clothes or other textiles. Folk motifs are stitched into the designs using running stitch.

I used 3 layers of muslin and drew on my paisley design before I left. Traditionally, treads pulled from the fabric were used for stitching, I took half a dozen reels of DMC perle cotton.

True to form, I did very little stitching while away. I only completed the outline of the paisley in three rows of staggered running stitch. I can't say I was disappointed, I was having an action packed holiday, after all, but what a delight on the very day that I return home to find that the TAST of the week is Running Stitch.

As I said, I had stitched the outline whilst away, next I added the flower motif in the paisley but stacking the running stitches and altering the width to represent the petals. I filled in the background with rows of running stitched arranged to create a version of a motif I saw again and again in India. It is simply four shapes arranged at the corners of a diamond shape, often the shapes were small diamonds or dots but other shapes where used including tiny flowers.

In the circle, I first outlined the petals in running stitch and then filled the space between the petals with randomly placed running stitch. I don't like this element very much; I think it is too indistinct.

Finally I created the border by lacing two staggered rows of three stacked stitches. I really like this effect. I had to work out how to turn the corners, and am pleased with the solution I came up with.

Happy Stitching

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Pat said...

Thanks for visiting, "new, improved" on your favourite product frightens the life out of you. I love you running stitch sample and have added your blog to my blog lines and will look forward to reading it when I come back from holiday.