Wednesday, 9 May 2007


I think I’ve been tagged. I say ‘think’ because, although I have heard of tagging, I don’t truly know how it works. Anyway, while I was in India, Hideko was tagged and had to list 5 blogs that make her think. I am very honoured that Hideko, whose work I very much admire, included my blog in her list. It has taken me some time to come up with my list, partly because I have been very busy with other things since I returned from India but mainly because I could not decide whom to include. I now have a long list of blogs that I visit regularly because I admire their work but the brief is to list blogs that make me think. Those that spring immediately to mind have been tagged many times so I hesitated to tag them again but I have now decided I will list them so that if by remote chance someone who lands here does not already know of them, they can follow the link to their site. I won’t require them to come up with another list (unless, of course, they chose to).

  1. Hideko’s blog Wind from the East was the first textile art blog that I found and from that seed grow my ever expanding bloglines and my own blog. Hideko’s sensitive use of colour is an inspiration to me, who has little idea when it comes to colour co-ordination.
  2. SharonB’s blog In a Minute Ago, for many reasons but mostly because TAST has got me exploring familiar stitches in new ways and introduced me to stitches I have never heard of. A hope in the future to take part in some of her on-line classes, but right now I have too many things going on.
  3. Pamela Kellogg’s Kitty and Me. Pam’s creativity has given me lots of inspiration (although I haven’t used much of it yet). Pam recently presented a design challenge that I hope to take us soon.
  4. Quieter Moments. I don’t know who this stitcher is but I really admire how creative she is with the TAST stitch each week.
  5. Pat of Altering Thoughts. Again for her imaginative use of stitches for TAST but also for her inclusion of her sketches that show the development of her ideas.

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