Thursday, 21 December 2006

Phone Pouch

Some time ago, I bought these threads for no other reason than I like them. Janet of From the Other Side of the Fence recently wrote that she has trouble using her stash because it might not be the right project. I'm a bit like that and then when, I start an new project, I buy the right threads/fabric/beads to go with that project. But I am trying to change. Another thing that I do, is keep all the little scraps from dress making and embroidery projects, just in case they come in useful one day.

A short while ago Stepson 2 asked if I would make a pouch for his girlfriend to keep her mobile phone in. I determined that I would find something from my stash to use. My original plan was to make something quite simple so that she would have it quickly. But then I started exploring the internet, and discovered Crazy Quilting and realised this is exactly what I have been keeping all those scraps for. So the simple pouch is now going to be CQ and last night I made up the block.

I looked for instructions on the web and used the sew and flip method on a foundation of calico. I have used the same velvet in the middle and on the corners but I machine stitched vermicelli across the middle section before stitching on the pale segments (which are not as yellow as they appear in this scan).

Hopefully tonight I can start on the seam treatments.

Happy Stitching

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