Thursday, 9 October 2014

Lest We Forget - Part 1

Earlier this year the South East West (SEW) Region of the Embroiderers' Guild held a competition to coincide with The Regional Day. 2014 is the centenary of the start of the First World War so the theme for the Branch completion was 'Lest We Forget'. Oxford Branch created an album of 'Sweetheart' for their entry. This is the card I contributed to the album.

I based my design on a card I found via a Google search for sweetheart cards.

© Carol-Anne Conway

Many of the original cards are stitch on fine, translucent fabrics, so I used a fine muslin from my stash.

© Carol-Anne Conway

To emphasis the translucence of the fabric, I stitched the rose in shadow stitch. I have never used this technique before so there was a bit of a learning curve.

© Carol-Anne Conway

I varied the stitch size to give different densities of colour. I think it works better with closely worked stitches than the more open stitching.

© Carol-Anne Conway

Happy Stitching

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Rachel said...

It's a great idea to use the shadow stitch - it creates a very subtle effect!