Thursday, 14 January 2010

Are You Happy with it?

I decided to email my tutor to seek her opinion. Even as I typed my message I could hear her saying "What do you think? Are you happy with it?" Well, no! Clearly I would not have been asking if I thought it was good enough. So I deleted my email, unsent, and took my Japanese snips and cut through all of last Sunday's work. I took out everything, including the guide stitches and started afresh.

There are days when you can't put a stitch right ...

... and there are days when the stitches find their own way.

I'm not sure what I did differently, the angles look the same, but the first version looked wrong and would have forever jarred on me. The second version feels right and now I am happy with it.

The section I worked on Sunday took two hours and I think I reverse stitched every bit of it at least once. This time I barely reversed a single stitch yet the same section still took me two hours to stitch. That suggests to me that the first time I rushed it, yet I thought that I always stitch more or less at the same pace ... slow. Mentally, I possibly am rushing it now, I am keen to finish this phase so that I will be ready to begin Phase VI in March even thought I try not to think ahead and stay focused on my current Phase.

Happy Stitching


Arlene White said...

Hey buddy I thought it looked ok the first time, but like you said you have to be happy with it. Great job. It's great to watch the progress of it.

Jane said...

Well done, glad you are happy with it now. The colour is looking beautiful.

Mary Corbet said...

HI, Carol-Anne! Oh, I know precisely what you mean! I'm glad you're happy with it now! Sometimes, I look at "reverse stitching" as an adventure. I'm eager to do it, to see if the next idea works better. That helps me avoid any irritation of having to do it in the first place!

I love the deep blue!


Anonymous said...

Dear Carol-Anne
It's a good idea what you did, I think when you do the embroidery, the most important thing, is that you must happy feel with what you do!
For me the work is perfect!!

Maria del Valle

Susan Elliott said...

It's so very hard to tell from the photo but it seems as if the stitches in the second photo are happier and cozier than the first. They seemed to have been laid in a more nurturing environment.

The stitches in the first pic look a little uptight and tense to me. So glad you all worked it out together.

Sue said...

Love the colours and gad you are please with it know. Sue XX