Sunday, 9 December 2007

Happy Bloggiversary to Me!

I thought that I had started my blog at the end of December so when, a couple of days ago, I looked up the date of my first blog I was surprised to see that it was today! It’s interesting to re-read your first post, to see what you choose to say about yourself and what you left out. I am amazed that I didn’t even mention Japanese Embroidery when this has been my main focus of interest for the past three years and has dominated my blog this year. Nor did I mention the main motivation for starting a blog in the first place - Take a Stitch Tuesday.

Fully participating in the challenge included sharing my progress via a blog or Flickr account and I opted for a blog. Although I have not succeeded in doing the nominated stitch every week, I don’t feel that I have entirely failed. At first I kept up with the weekly stitches but as usual I set the bar too high for myself. Instead of experimenting with a few variations of the stitch, I aimed to complete a whole sampler and I wanted each one to be as good as I could possibly make it (that’ll be the Virgo in me!). Even though it took me all week, I kept up with each week until I went to India in April - that set me back by three weeks. When I returned, I started with the stitches I had missed – wanting to do every thing in order is another characteristic of my Virgo personality! When I got to Week 24 – French Knots, my sampler took 4 weeks to complete, so that made me six weeks behind. Torn between doing each stitch in turn, picking the ones that I fancied or doing the stitches as they arose, I prevaricated and dithered and fell more and more behind.

I always intended to continue with the challenge, but in the mean time, I was distracted by a call from Pat Winter to stitch comfort dolls, and a desire to be involved with the Plinmoth Project even though I could not travel to Boston to stitch on the actual jacket, I wanted to do a sampler for them.

So why do I say I did not fail? Well, for one thing, I have done more stitching this year than ever before and that is a direct result of TAST. Most days I have picked up a needle, even if only for a few minutes stitching. On those days that I have not found time to stitch, I have either blogged about my stitching or spent a little time admiring, and gaining inspiration from all the fascinating blogs that I have discovered via TAST. Since SharonB was behind me starting this blog in the first place, it somehow seems appropriate that on my first bloggiversary I have signed up for her next challenge, Take it Further.

Happy Stitching and Happy Blogging.


sharonb said...

Happy blogaversary and thanks for the kind remarks about TAST
I am wondering if rather than Tast being responsible for more stitching if blogging is actually the driver.

I often think seeing work in progress of others, reading about stitching etc stimulates interest and keeps a person focused. I am sure everyone at some time or other has seen something online and then inspired to stitch picks up a needle

Just musing here - as often people ask me how I get time to stitch and blog - I say one feeds the other

KV said...

Happy anniversary! I must tell you that your blog is one of the most fascinating that I visit. I, too, only started a blog because of joining an online project (the Beaded Journal Project) and it has become one of the most interesting things I have ever done (when I get around to posting, that is).

Kathy V in NM

coral-seas said...

Thank you both.

Sharon, yes blogging has a lot to do with it, but since following TAST was the beginning of my blog habit, like it or not, you're still to blame! :)

Kathy, it was through BJP that I found your blog and many others to add to my bloglines, I agree it is a most interesting project and has produced some powerful journal art.


Deepa said...

Happy bloggiversary Carol!!!
Iam glad that you started this blog and we all could have a glimpse of the intricacies of Japanese Embroidery.Its in my 'To-Learn List' now.
Keep stitching.