Thursday, 2 August 2007

The Blue Eyed Boy is Done

The katayori that I intended to outline the hind wings with was too thick (again) so I decided to outline them with a line of staggered diagonal stitch in a single strand of #1 silver. I then couched the black and silver katayori with a single strand of #1 silver for the antennae. I like how how the antennae look. J says that this thread is also too thick. He is usually right about these things, but for now I am going to leave it in until the neighbouring butterflies are completed and I can see how things balance. I won't sink any of the ends until all the stitching is complete so he for now this butterfly is finished.

© Jennifer Ashley Taylor/Carol-Anne Conway

I am really pleased with my Blue Eyed Boy. For me long and short stitch is the most difficult technique I know, so I feel this is an acheivement.

One down, five to go and it is already August.

Happy Stitching


Deepa said...


Your Blue Eyed Boy has turned out be rather 'handsome' :-) I just happened to glance through all your posts on Japanese Embroidery .The long and short stitch looks really good now. Well done!!!

Anonymous said...

This turned out really nice. I have been watching your progress.

I am very interested in trying out japanese embroidery. Thank you for putting your thoughts out with pictures.

What kind of fabric is the butterfly done on? Is this a purchased pattern and if so where did you get it? I tried to find the info reading back but didn't.


coral-seas said...

Deepa and Pam, thank you both for your kind words.

The fabric used is silk and the design and materials were supplied by Jennifer Ashley Taylor

My Phase designes are from the Japanese Embroidery Centre

You can also purchase kits from Midori Matsushima

I would encourage anyone interested to learn, it is very rewarding, but I stongly recommend that you begin with a class or tutor.