Friday, 9 February 2007


© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

A sacred flower of Japan, the chrysanthemum (kiku) is the symbol of Royalty. The multi-petalled yellow chrysanthemums are valued because they represent gold. Many petals equals lots of gold.

Each petal is embroidered with a diagonal foundation, that is diagonal to the area being stitched, not the foundation fabric. Again this stitch is very much like satin stitch. The yellow blooms are stitched with flat silk and have Japanese Knots of pale yellow silk twisted with a single strand of gold. Twisted silk is used for the orange blooms. I found it quite difficult to get the correct angle on the petals and made several attempts before I was satisfied with my stitching.

The leaves are worked with a horizontal foundation in flat silk, again horizontal to the area being stitched. Some of the stitches are very long but the veins of couched gold serve to hold them in place.

Happy Stitching

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