Sunday, 2 March 2014

Elevation Cloak Patch

In September/October last year I worked on two small projects. One was to make a 3 inch square patch to be appliquéd onto an elevation clock. Now, I don’t know exactly what an elevation cloak is. All I know is that Kimiko is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and that she was to be made a Laurel (an honour and an achievement) and would be wearing the cloak for part of the ceremony. I had met Kimiko in an on-line stitching community and frankly am in awe of her knowledge and her generosity in sharing that knowledge. Many of those in the community know Kimiko are also members of SCA and would be present at the ceremony. Those of us who would not be there in person, but wanted to be there in spirit, embroidered a patch for the cloak.

My Original Stitched in Rajmahal Art Silk
© Debbie Cripps/Carol-Anne Conway

My patch is based on an embroidery I first did in 1999. It was one of three designs by Debbie Cripps published in Needlecraft magazine. Up until then I had been doing mainly needle point and cross stitch. They marked the start of my love affair with surface embroidery. They used to hang on the landing wall but have been in a cupboard for the past few years. I came across them recently and thought it would be interesting to stitch them again to see how my stitching had developed.

© Debbie Cripps/Carol-Anne Conway

I had to reduce the design so that it would fit onto the 3 by 3 inch square. The original was stitched in Rajmahal art silk which is 65% rayon, 35% silk and 100% of a nightmare to work with (but the colours are lovely and it is very shiny). This time I raided my stash for some of my most precious treasures - soie de Paris silks, Elizabethian Twist 2% gold, paillettes and seed pearls left over from the Floral Glove class.

© Debbie Cripps/Carol-Anne Conway

The design being so small it did not take very long to stitch and I really enjoyed doing it. I don’t usually like making something for the second time but so much time had passed since I made the first one that it did not feel repetitive.

© Debbie Cripps/Carol-Anne Conway

Kimiko made a border of gold thread, seed pearls and garnets to her elevation gown. I wished I had a garnet to add to the centre of the rose but Kimiko said that she would add one when she received the patch.

Happy Stitching


Rachel said...

It's really lovely - very different in "feel" from the first, and I'm sure Kimiko will be very conscious of all her absent friends!

Cath said...

Beautiful work. The first piece was good but this takes it to another level. Surely those silk shading fears are a thing of the past now.

H Gotts said...

Lovely piece! I would like to know what an elevation cloak is, and what happens to it after the "elevation" ceremony! On another note, how are the boys (fizzy and fuzzy?). All my cats love to sleep on top on the Japanese embroidery frame - so I have to provide a platform to protect the piece.