Friday, 28 February 2014

Swete Bag Class – Day Two

On day two Jacqui Carey joined the class. The class divided into two groups, one group continued to stitch their swete bags while the Jacqui taught the other group finger braiding techniques. Several years ago I took a one day class with Jacqui and learnt how to make twisted cords. I remembered it as a fun and informative class. I hoped that this class would be the same and I was not disappointed.

Wool Sample Braid
© Carol-Anne Conway

Jacqui first taught us the basic techniques using lengths of wool – it was easier to see the pattern emerge using thicker threads. Once we had a feel for what we were doing, we tried again with the silk threads we were using on our bags. When we all understood the basic method, Jacqui showed us several variations. She had brought lots of sample boards with her that had finished samples of all the techniques we were shown.

Silk Sample Braid
© Carol-Anne Conway

There is very little difference between the varios methods and at one point I unintentionally switched from making a flat braid to making a square braid.

© Carol-Anne Conway

All-in-all I really enjoyed the class. Lynn, Nicola and Jacqui are wonderful tutors. Meeting in person several people that I have got to know online was a big bonus as was meeting Micheál and Elizabeth Feller and seeing items from their collection. This class was originally planned to coincide with an exhibition of the Feller Collection at the Ashmolean but that exhibition was postponed and will now take place later this year. Hopefully there will be another class to coincide with it.

Happy Stitching

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Rachel said...

I remember performing the same switch on a lucetted braid I was making and having to unbraid it with much muttering...!