Monday, 29 October 2012

Plaited Braid Stitch Variations

In her book Elizabethan Stitches, Jacqui Carey, describes a slightly different method for standard plaited braid stitch.

Plaited Braid Stitch (Jacqui Carey’s standard method)
© Thistle Threads/Carol-Anne Conway

Jacqui starts the stitch in a different way but for me the significant difference is how/where the thread passes through the fabric and re-emerges for the start of the next link. Using Tricia’s method the thread passes through the fabric outside of the loops and shows as little legs along the length of the PBS.

Using Jacqui’s method the thread passes through the fabric inside of the loops and you are not left with legs showing. I prefer the look of this method.

Jacqui also describes two variations on the standard PBS. It was fun to do the different variations and I used them to fill a couple of gaps on my sampler but I still prefer the look of her standard PBS.

Jacqui Carey’s variation 1
© Thistle Threads/Carol-Anne Conway

Jacqui Carey’s variation 2
© Thistle Threads/Carol-Anne Conway

Happy Stitching

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Rachel said...

I've not quite got around to trying out variations yet, but since you've done them, I can see they are really quite subtle differences - worth investigating! (in my copious free time..!)