Sunday, 4 December 2011

Progress Report – November

Life continues to be busy and I continue to make as much time as possible for embroidery.

Various factors meant that Jon and I did not get a much longed for holiday in the sun this year. The upside for me was that I had a few days holiday to use up so I myself onto a couple of embroidery workshops. Until a few weeks ago I had never heard of Hazel Everett. The first I heard about Hazel was a gushing review of her new book by Mary Corbett. Then a chance meeting with one of her students led me to an exhibition of her work and the fact that Hazel teaches a gold work class practically on my doorstep! I should have spent the holidays working on my beading but instead I signed up for two 2-day classes in November.

During the first class we worked on a poppy which is mostly done in chip work. The class is very friendly and informal. Many of the group have been attending for several years and already know quite a lot about gold work but Hazel has the knowledge and experience to guide both the novice and the more experienced at a pace that suited each individual. As you can see, I didn’t get much done but I am a slow worker and gold work is a slow process. I don’t find chip work overly difficult but it is time consuming cutting the very fine purl into chips and sewing on each chip individually.

© Hazel Everett/Carol-Anne Conway

At the second class I started a Christmas ornament. We had a choice of two designs, one based on holly leaves, the other on a poinsettia or working on a UFO. We were also given a free choice of how to edge and fill the leaves. This meant that several different designs were being worked in a number of different techniques but again Hazel coped easily with keeping us all working steadily. I worked fairly constantly during the class but of course did not manage to finish my ornament in the two days!

© Hazel Everett/Carol-Anne Conway

Both of these have been put aside while I concentrate on Floral Melody. I did put in slightly more time than last month but seemed to make less progress. I am not sure why that is. Up until now, I have been fairly confident that I could complete this by Christmas but now that there are only three weeks before my target, I am beginning to have doubts.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

I have also continued to make slow progress with Chinese Flower. I am really pleased with how this is working out and am gaining confidence in this method of working LSS. I just wish that confidence would spill over into my Camellias!

© Trish Burr/Carol-Anne Conway

Happy Stitching


Rachel said...

You've been making great progress, and those classes with Hazel Everett sound like such fun!

Elmsley Rose said...

How exciting - can't wait to see the Hazel E pieces progress. Lucky you!
The two more complete pieces are looking just lovely.

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

You are doing beautifully! I've been looking for a poppy project as I want to do something original, and the California Poppy is the state flower. I just love your beadwork.

Susan Elliott said...

So sorry you didn't get your time in the sun but I am SOO green with envy! It's sad but I'd probably choose the goldwork class over a sunny vacation anyway!

I have been trying and trying to find a goldwork class...please tell me more when you get a minute.

I wish you all the best in finishing floral melody. You can DO IT!

Marie-noelle said...

Je suis très admirative de votre travail , c'est absolument magnifique !