Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Progress Report - August

The decorating is finally finished (all bar a couple of small jobs the electrician has to come back to do). It still took the first to weekends in July to finish everything. The following weekend we gave the kitchen a thorough spring clean. The next Saturday I spent at Art in Action and Sunday was generally tidying up in preparation for visitors. J’s sister and brother-in-law were over from Amsterdam for the last week of July and, of course, we wanted to spend as much time as possible with them. You’ve guessed it; I’ve not had much time for embroidery!

With little time and little motivation it has been slow going doing the finishing on Floral Glove, but I am getting there and if I knuckle down to it, this should be finished in time for September’s report.

© Thistle Threads/Carol-Anne Conway

I’ve started the beading on Floral Melody, hoorah! I have been doing a little bit before work each day for the past week. I estimate that this will take me approximately 130 hours and I want to complete it by Christmas. There are only 144 days until Christmas so I have to aim to average about an hour a day, every day. Eek!

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

I completed one more Travelling Page this month. These have been such fun to do and this one was a theme particularly close to my heart. I have three more TP’s to do in this series and another in a different vein.

Happy Stitching


Rachel said...

You've just got the assembly to do on the Floral Glove, by the look of it. It looks amazing when it's done!

underatopazsky said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished Floral Glove and Floral Melody looks fascinating already.

Angela said...

I'm impressed that you managed any stitching at all being so busy with other things. I'm so looking foward to seeing floral glove all finished.