Monday, 15 August 2011


Did you know that there is a higher concentration of nerve endings in the cornea than in any other part of the body making it highly susceptible to pain? Did you also know that the cornea is the fastest healing tissue in the body? How do I know this? Last weekend I had a close encounter with this plant.

I stabbed my right eye on one of the leaves causing a 4mm scratch on the cornea.

The nice doctor at the eye hospital provided not only these salient facts above but also some very effective pain relieve and much needed reassurance. Since then I have been diligently applying cream to prevent infection and drops to keep the eye lubricated. As he had assured me it would, the swelling and pain had greatly subsided after a few days and now the scratch has all but gone.

This time last week, I could barely see a needle, let alone stitch but I am very pleased to report that I am stitching again for short spells. My schedule of 1 hour beading per day took a serious hit but I hope to resume that regime this week. Before this incident I had been making good progress and I really like how this piece is developing but at the moment I am keeping my computer time to a minimum (especially as I have now returned to work and spend most of the day staring at the screen).

Happy Stitching


alsokaizen said...

I'm glad you are starting to feel better! That plant looks like it has a nasty disposition!

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Ouch indeed! I am glad you are better now. Don't rush it but take time to heal, ok?

Isadarena said...

My God, Carol-anne, I hope you feel better now and I send you all my best wishes for a fast and total recovery.
I have always been afraid by this plant : I have been asking for removing this plant from our garden to my DH since a while and I am sure that he is going to do it after reading your post.
Best wikshes,

Rachel said...

. Not to mention, having a painful eye makes one feel vulnerable, somehow. I'm so glad to know you are healing again!

Elmsley Rose said...

oh you poor thing!
I know someone who simply got scratched by a similar plant, and it got the tendon in his hand!!! They are dangerous creatures, sometimes!

Please continue to heal well. It must have been so scary!

Deepa said...

Glad you're better now,Carol.Better get rid of that plant
Take care,