Saturday, 2 April 2011

Progress Report - April

Wow, I can hardly believe that April is here already. March has been and extremely busy month for me both at work and socially. The last three weeks at work have been really intense. I have rather enjoyed the intensity of it but the extra hours and level of concentration throughout the day have left me feeling rather exhausted in the evenings. I would not have much to report this time had it not been for my week in Bournemouth at the beginning of the month.

Phase VII, Camellias is now on Frame 1: I am always a little dismayed by how little gets done during my week in Bournemouth but I remind myself that it is a class and I am learning new techniques. I have done a little more since returning home but I am still trying to get to grips with the techniques. I feel that this Phase is more of a learning curve for me that any other since Phase I but I want to succeed at it so am willing to take my time to understand it. This is the piece that is calling my name the loudest at the moment so expect to be working on it whenever I can in the coming month.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

Frame 2: Embroidery Bridge has not even been out of its case this month.

Frame 3: While at Bournemouth, I spent a little time at the end of each day filling the space around the flowers with Tataki-ume (random seed beading). All of the beading on Poppy Pouch is now done but I have some finishing to do. When the stitching/beading is complete I lose interest to some degree. I am not so interested in making it into a bag as I was beading it but I want to take it off of this frame so that I can put Phase IV onto it and begin beading that in earnest. Maybe I will allocate a day or two of this month to doing that.

Phase IV is currently on Frame 4. I have yet to decide what I will put onto this frame when Floral Melody moves onto Frame 3 but I am in no hurry as I have more than enough to be getting on with at the moment.

I also stitched a Needlework Nibble, great fun, and I will blog about that soon, and another Round Robin Doodle Page but that will have to wait until the RR is complete.

This month I have another exciting new project starting.

Happy Stitching


Rachel said...

Even if you feel you haven't done very much, at least you can document the current state of each of your projects so that next time you can see what progress you've made!

Angela said...

Even though it might take a while I'm sure you will be so much happier with the finished piece if you spend the time you need to get it just right, no point rushing through if you're unhappy with the finished result. It's going to be beautiful