Sunday, 10 January 2010

Two Hours Going Nowhere

Now that the festivities are over and things are supposed to have settled back into their usual routine I planned to settle back into a routine of doing a little stitching before work each day. No problem Monday and Tuesday but then came the snow and since then normality has been suspended! But everyone in the UK has heard about nothing but snow for 5 days so I will say no more about it other than to share a picture of the view from my bedroom window.

I finally found some stitching time today but it proved frustrating. When I last stitched some of cord #4 I thought I was getting the hang of it but it continues to cause me difficulties. Previously, I thought that my problem was making the angle of the stitches too shallow so I have taken care to make them steeper. Now I think that they are too steep. I've stitched, reverse stitched and restitched this section again and again and I still don't like it. My instinct was to rip out the stitching again but I've decided to look at it again tomorrow and see if I feel the same way when I am feeling less frustrated.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

On a more positive note I have been making some progress with my little beading project.

© Beadalot/Carol-Anne Conway

Happy Stitching


Rachel Cotterill said...

The snow has completely thrown out all my routines, too, though it is very beautiful.

Sue said...

Least the snow had brought some good things. Lots of sticthing time. Edward looking good :-)

Plays with Needles said...

I can completely relate to the frustration of getting your angles right...sometimes making copies of your design paper and drawing the lines in a few different times can get your mind thinking of the right angles before you put needle to fabric. You may already do this..I can see your guidelines that you have stitched which I also do...but I find drawing out my frustrations sometimes works too...good luck dear friend and enjoy that beautiful snow...

P.s. That gold fishy looks like such fun!!

Silver Surfer said...

I found your site last night while pottering on the net---I fell in love with your golden boy .. but then looking further I found your Japanese stitching..lovely