Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Gilt Sylke Twist

(Trumpet salute)

About two weeks ago, The Embroiderer’s Story finally announced that Gilt Sylke Twist is available for purchase. Currently there is only a limited supply available in just 5 of the colours used on the jacket - Redde, Carnacion, Bisse, Graie Blewe, and Grene. Some of these colours are limited edition and will be replaced by a permanent colour series when more is manufactured. The price is $25 for 35-meters, $5 of which goes to Plimoth Plantation as a donation to the jacket project.

There are some things in life that a girl simply has to have, even if she doesn’t have an immediate plan for it. For me, this thread falls into that category. As soon as I read the announcement, I placed an order for one cone of each colour and a couple of days ago I received my first cone in the post.

I am now the proud owner of one cone of Gilt Sylke Twist - Redde.

Words do not describe how pretty this thread is and pictures do not do it justice. It positively glimmers. Coincidently, the Redde is almost the same shade as the fabric on which I am working my Karahana.

There seems to be a strawberry fever spreading throughout the blogs at the moment which gives me an idea for my Redde GST!

Happy Stitching


Mary Corbet said...

Yes!! Do strawberries!!

The redde is a perfect "just ripe" strawberry color, and the more I see mine progress, the more the gold starts looking like the little seeds!

I can't wait to see what you do with it!!

Elmsley Rose said...

Have I gone mad, or did you have a handy "Plimouth FAQ" post that was here yesterday and gone today (literally).

I just nominated your "Golden Couple" post re the scissor keeper to Mary for a NeedlenThread post highlighting. Hope that is ok.