Sunday, 2 July 2017

Blackwork Butterflies - part 2

The course came with direction for two slightly different versions of the design. As this was a learning piece for me, and because there was sufficient linen supplied, I decided to do both versions. I transferred the design onto the linen using the stitched transfer method. I used red thread for the transfer so that is would show clearly on the white fabric and would be distinctive when I came to remove these stitches when the blackwork was complete.

© Tanja Berlin/Carol-Anne Conway

I first worked a grid of stitches on the outer edges of the wings.

© Tanja Berlin/Carol-Anne Conway

A small ‘+’ is then worked into each of the squares on the lower wings and a small square on the upper wings.

© Tanja Berlin/Carol-Anne Conway

The difference is subtle!

© Tanja Berlin/Carol-Anne Conway

The designs in the main part of each wing are a little more intricate but they are built up in the same manner; first creating the basic design, then embellishing it. In this case, only some of the design has been embellished to represent markings on the wings.

© Tanja Berlin/Carol-Anne Conway

I must have been enjoying the stitching because I have not taken many step-by-step pictures.

© Tanja Berlin/Carol-Anne Conway

Happy Stitching


Rachel said...

They're delightful!

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