Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Travelling Sewing Kit

Sanjo-Honke Misuyabari also sold a range of sewing boxes made of kiri or paulownia wood. Kiri wood is thought to be ideal for sewing boxes as they can be closed tightly which keeps needles from rusting. The boxes came in many sizes but I choose the dinkiest box they stocked. This darling travel sewing kit. The lid fits so precisely that the lettering on the front is stamped across the box and the lid to show the correct alignment when replacing the lib. The small characters on the right appear to be 三條本家 みすや針 (Sanjo-Honke Misuyabari). I would love to know what the characters on the left say.

© Carol-Anne Conway

The accessories fit very snugly inside their box and are all made of the same fabric. There were many different fabrics and colours to choose between.

© Carol-Anne Conway

In the lid is a pin cushion and the box contains three spools of thread, a pain of mini snips and a packet of needles.

© Carol-Anne Conway

© Carol-Anne Conway

I have not used this yet but now I am reminded of how lovely it is, from now on this will accompany me on my travels.

© Carol-Anne Conway

Happy Stitching


The Crazy Thread Lady said...

The last kanji 針 means needle but I can't read the first one ! Sorry :/

Cath said...

That's a sweet little boc. The middle 2 hiragana characters are 'nui' but I can't shed any light on the first kanji either

D1-D2 said...

It's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, pretty! Can you tell a little about the thread-winders/spools? Are they just fabric, or over a stiff base? That looks like a better way than machine-bobbins, to carry a little thread with you.