Monday, 9 June 2014

My husband, me and 'the other woman'

My husband has a new love in his life!

It’s possibly my own fault. You see I have been rather preoccupied with my embroidery and spending more time away from home on courses or demonstrating at exhibitions. Perhaps I was rather naive to think that he would not look for other amusement in my absence.

It all began innocently enough with an occasional admiring glance at a passing stranger but then he started passing comment, "what a stunner!", "did you see that beauty?" He starting spending more and more time on the internet searching out particular models until he found ‘the one’. I could see how attracted he was; 'she' set his heart racing and he could hardly take his eyes of her. It was only a matter of time before he arranged to meet her.

From then on things moved very quickly and it was a matter of weeks before she came to live with us. I insisted that she live in the annex and tried to be understanding when he spent time with her. I tried not to be jealous as I watched him pampering her or went they went on outings together. I consoled myself with the thought that it allowed me more time for my embroidery.

Then he dropped his bombshell; he wanted me to get to know her; to love her the way he does; for the three of us to go on outings together! I wasn’t sure that I wanted to know her let alone come to love her. I was tempted to say that I would rather spend time with my embroidery than with ‘her’. But I told myself that I might lose my husband to her completely if I didn’t try to be a part of their lives.

We went on a few short excursions together; out to lunch; to a riverside pub one sunny evening; to a local festival full of more of her kind of people to see if I would 'fit in'! And to my surprise I found I quite liked her. From the beginning, I had to admit how beautiful she was and now I began to realise how much fun she could be. I’ve always liked that outdoors and that is where she is happiest; running free with the wind in her face. In the sunshine, her beauty shines out for all to see.

Yesterday we had our first full day out together. This time we went somewhere of my choosing, among my kind of people (a display from the collection of 18th century European church vestments at St Mary’s Church in Upper Froyle) but travelling there and back together was good fun and we enjoyed a nice lunch outside a country pub.

I will be quite content to sometimes stay home with my embroidery while Jon and his new Harley go off together but I am also looking forward to our next ride out together in the sunshine. Next time we may go to the sea-side. Oh! I do like to be beside the sea-side!

Happy Motorbiking!


Rachel said...

Who knows, she may take you to many more interesting places you will love...

Anonymous said...

Can you get a needlepoint stand accessory attached?

Seriously, enjoy!

Susan Elliott said...

Love the jacket!!!! This sounds like amazing fun. I had always teased Jack that I was going to learn to drive a Harley just so I could wear leather to parents' weekend when he went away to college. Now that he's going to Boston, his dorm will be a high rise and the traffic will be a little too hectic for a neophyte biker Mom. I'm still trying to figure that out...maybe I can get a local Boston biker group to adopt me and give me a ride. So glad your husband has found a companion for when you're embroidery beckons. I hope the same for my husband...