Saturday, 27 July 2013

Flower Circle – Finished

I was still dissatisfied with the stitching on the outlined flower and slightly concerned about whether the purple flower upset the balance of the design but there was no time left for me to make any changes. As it stood I only had two days to do the finishing, remove Flower Circle from the frame, and to lace it onto a board.

© Shizuka Kusano/Carol-Anne Conway

I had allowed 24 hours with the frame resting in a prominent position so I would spot any glaring mistakes before I began the finishing process. Every time I passed the frame I stopped to take another look at the it and, although I still had doubts about the purple flower, I was rather pleased with the overall effect. Mostly, I was pleased that I felt I had done what I originally intended to do – maintain the balance of the original design.

© Shizuka Kusano/Carol-Anne Conway

The reason for my haste and lack of time for making any alterations was that my Flower Circle, together with eight other versions, was to be show to Kusano-san during her visit to the UK. It was a great honour to be able to show her our work and an even greater honour to have her critique the pieces. Kusano-san was complimentary about all of the Flower Circles. She was very kind not to mention some of the substandard stitching on my piece. Instead she commented that colour scheme and choice of techniques was well balanced – I was thrilled as this was something I had strived for. Kusano-san also commented on the purple outlined flower and the Flutterbies flower, saying that they added an air of mystery to the piece. I cannot claim that that was my intention but I am pleased that those two flowers caught her attention.

© Shizuka Kusano/Carol-Anne Conway

© Shizuka Kusano/Carol-Anne Conway

It was extremely generous of Kusano-san to give us the design and encourage us to stitch it in our own way. I wonder if she remembered doing that. She certainly seemed delighted to see them. This has been a unique and special project for those of us who took part. Mine will always remind me of the time a group of us drove from Manchester to Edinburgh and back in a day for the opportunity to see Kusano-san’s work and of our second, amazing, encounter with her.

© Shizuka Kusano/Carol-Anne Conway

© Shizuka Kusano/Carol-Anne Conway

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Cath said...

This is a beautiful sampler. Well done :-)

Moonsilk Stitches said...

Wow! What a wonderful opportunity. As I read your posts,I was curious about the design and your seeming hurry. I think the final piece is wonderful. It seemed like a great opportunity for you to use the knowledge and skills you've been gaining. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful


Rachel said...

It is much harder to get to grips with balancing techniques and styles. You will always be aware of what you refer to as "substandard" stitching, and as you get better, you will just get pickier. Kusano-san's focus on the more difficult thing you have done well on seems entirely appropriate to me!

Christine said...

Really great work - thanks for sharing with us!

elmsley rose said...


Susan said...

Beautifully done - I love your creativity!

lorena24 said...

Bukiet jest rewelacyjny!!!
Piękne wykonanie:)

Hannah said...

I like it a lot!