Thursday, 19 May 2011

How do I Hate Thee ....

Thank you for your kind comments and emails; I really appreciate the support and encouragement. Perhaps before I continue with this series of posts I should explain that this is a bit retrospective. I normally post things in chronological order but for this Phase I have grouped things by technique. If in the following posts it appears that I have ignored your advice, it is because I am writing about things that happened a few weeks ago. Although things have moved on, I didn’t want to leave parts of the journey unrecorded.

Jane asked what I hate about my first attempt. To a small degree it is the way it looks. I love the look of a flat silk foundation, smooth and shiny. I understand that random LSS will never look as smooth and shiny as a flat silk foundation but I think the stitching on my third flower looks rough and dull. But the reason I dislike it so intensely is the way that I felt while I was stitching it. Embroidery is one of the great pleasures of my life. Stitching these petals made me stressed, confused and unhappy. When I look at these petals, all I can see is that unhappiness and I resent them for that.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

When I returned from Bournemouth I decided to finish the second flower before continuing with the third flower. I hoped that more experience of alternating LSS would give me more confidence in tackling the random variation. I left the stitches in while I did that hoping I would begin to see them differently. I didn’t. I know now that I will always see them as unhappy stitches and I don’t want to live with them.

When I look at my previous phase pieces I can see the imperfections and the things I hope one day I will be able to stitch better. I also see the joy, the pride and the pleasure I had in stitching them. I see the same things in the first two flowers on this phase. That is what I want to see when I look at the third flower.

Happy Stitching


Rachel said...

I understand now, Carol. It's hard to enjoy looking at your work when all it reminds you of is anxiety and struggle. Remember, though, that different techniques are developed to give different effects, and they won't all appeal to you in the same way!

Plays with Needles said...

This all sounds like growing pains to me Grasshopper.

I think all this struggle is just showing you that you are evolving as a stitcher. And that's what the phases are designed to do to you...So, if it's any consolation (which I know it's probably not), you are right where you are supposed to be...but boy are you GROWING.

P.S. I know you probaby already picked out your pretty random camellia. Don't forget that the energy that you experience travels right down your arm, through your fingers, into your needle and into your work. Breathe and give yourself a break.

P.P.S. Are you sick of me yet?

Elmsley Rose said...

It's true - isn't it. You put love into cooking for your loved ones. And love into embroidery.

And sometimes it just doesn't work.

I like what PlaysWithNeedles said :-)

OT : Have you looked at Japanese Embroidery Books on Etsy? There are *millions*. Lettering and Monograms in Japanese embroidery, anyone?

Isadarena said...

Your embroidery work is just fantastic and I really look forward to taking my first lesson of Japanese Embroidery on July.
Have a nice Sunday,