Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Phase VII - Camellias

I spent the second week of March in Bournemouth at a Japanese embroidery class. This is my seventh successive year attending this class. Each year I begin a new Phase; this year was Phase VII -the dreaded long and short stitch. There are two Phase VII designs available, Pansies and Camellias. Both are delightful. I am stitching Camellias.

Back in September Michiko wore a stunning kimono to the Stitch and Creative Crafts show. Although the flowers on it are peonies, I thought that the colour scheme would easily transfer to Camellias. Michiko very kindly brought the kimono to Preston in October so that I could colour match some silks to it and my tutor ordered the design on the fabric that most closely matched the background.

Because of shipping delays, I did not see the fabric until the first day of class. When I picked out the silks that I had intended to use they did not go well with the fabric. We made another selection in similar shades but those didn’t work either. Margaret then made a selection of apricot shades that I really like.

I spent the entire morning framing up, selecting silks, reading instructions - basically doing anything but stitching. Just when I thought that I had run out excuses, I read on my box chart that the first flower in worked in twisted silk. Aha, I had not twisted my silk, another reason not to get started!

Happy Stitching


AnnaKoru said...

Good luck with first step!

Connie said...

The colors look really beautiful

Radka said...

I have seen demonstrations of Japanese embroidery at shows, I always find it just amazing, so beautiful :))

Rachel said...

The Prevaricator has struck again! I'm glad you now have colours you are happy with, it must have been so disappointing to be unhappy with your first choices!