Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A Surprise Parcel

I received a parcel a couple of weeks ago. At first I did not recognize the company logo on the envelope and wondered what it could be. However, when I opened the package and saw the gold and silver flecked box inside, I knew exactly what it contained; I had seen a box just like it on LilyStitch earlier in the year. By strange coincidence, the day that Christa wrote about her mystery box was the very same day that I sent mine away for finishing.

I began Drooping Cherry Blossoms at a workshop on Kinsai during March. I completed the embroidery when I returned home and since then it has travelled to Japan and back with Midori-san. Now it has returned to me transformed into a fan.

Before unwrapping the fan, I took a few moments to admire the bamboo display stand that came with it.

Then I turned my attention to the fan itself. I slipped off the gold paper band and cellophane wrapper and took several minutes to appreciate the beautiful, lacquered wood used to make the veins.

At first the fan was difficult to open. It was a little stiff but I think that my fear that I would damage it was the real reason. When it did unfurl, I was delighted with the beautiful finishing.

Even the paper used on the back is lovely.

Midori-san has designed a second fan and I hope to do the kinsai for that at a workshop in the autumn.

Happy Stitching


Christa Evans said...


deepa said...

Wow!! Beautiful finish!!

Angelcat said...

Wow, this is fantastic Carol!! :) Absolutely beautiful

Rachel said...

This is really wonderful - you must be so thrilled with it!

Anonymous said...

Wow its amazing can't wait for September and I can see it for real. Were are you displaying it?? Sue X

Chloe Patricia said...

Hello Carol, This is fantasitic. I haven't thought about making it into a fan. Very gorgeous. I wasn't (predictably) able to finish my flowe basket by the end of spring classes... sigh.... Chloe Patricia

Possibilities, Etc. said...

What a gorgeous thing this is!!