Sunday, 30 May 2010

Under Shoulder and Under Tail Feathers

Normally foreground elements are stitched before those behind them. The under shoulder feathers are in front of the fan shaped feathers and should have been stitched first. As I had covered the techniques used on the under shoulder feathers it was decided to skip these so that I had sufficient time to cover the techniques I had not done before. I stitched a row of Japanese running stitch along the outer edge to help me leave a one point open space between the elements.

The under shoulder feathers are worked in a weft layer with short stitch holding in the same colour.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

The under tail feathers are worked in two parts. First the upper section is stitched in a vertical layer, leaving a one point open space between the individual feathers. Then the lower section is stitched in a weft layer, again with a one point open space to separate the feathers.

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

One point open space is one of the techniques I have found most challenging but I think that I am beginning to get to grips with it. It is immensely satisfying to feel that you are making progress.

Happy Stitching


Elmsley Rose said...

They are beautiful!

Rachel said...

So glad you feel you are making progress - it looks fabulous!

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Ati. said...

How wonderful, you paint with threads! Somethimes I wish I could do that too on my WISP quilt :)