Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Missed by a Mile

Week two of Girl with Pearl Earring went well.

Ok, I didn’t get very far on day one, but on day two I made real progress. I completed the foundation stitches on this part of the turban and began short stitch holding. I have not reached the short stitch holding phase in my Japanese Embroidery lessons and have only done a very small amount previously. According to the book, I should use temporary holding stitches across the foundations. Well, I am short of time and my foundation stitches are relatively short, so I decided to skip that stage. In the instructions the stitches are of equal length and arranged in an orderly manner. I want to give an impression of brush strokes so I’m doing my stitching in a more random fashion. Yes, you heard me correctly; I am doing random by choice! I also hope that the short stitch holding will blend the colours and reduce the blocky appearance of the foundations.

Day 6, 10 minutes

Day 7, 1 hour 20 minutes

Day 8, 20 minutes

Then we went on holiday for a week. When we returned I managed 3 more short stitching sessions.

Day 9, 20 minutes

Day 10, 20 minutes

Day 11, 20 minutes

11 hours 30 minutes

The exhibition has started now, so I failed miserably in my challenge. I intend to continue stitching my Girl with a Pearl Earring but first I have other things that are a higher priority. In some ways I regret starting her. I knew that I had left myself to little time to stitch her and my time could have been better spent doing some of the other things I have committed to.

Happy Stitching

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Elmsley Rose said...

But will you not learn a lot from continuing this design, this original design (so's to speak) of yours?