Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I Would Like to Thank ...

This may sound a little like an Oscar’s speech, but in my final post about the wedding and honeymoon, I would like to acknowledge and thank those who contributed so much to making the whole occasion so special for Jon and I. (My next post will be stitch related, I promise.)

by Euphoric about Hair
Many years ago, Laura told me she “just loves being a hairdresser” and it is apparent that that is still true today. Add to that her skill and knowledge and it is obvious she has earned her status as one of Oxford's top hairdressers and Master Craftsman.

Nails by Forever Young
Elena did so much more than my manicure and not just for the wedding itself. Regular pampering with Elena began as an occasional treat to myself but has become a regular indulgence that I would be loath to give up.

I felt beautiful on my wedding day and I would particularly like to thank Laura and Elena for helping me to feel that way about myself.

Wardrobe by The Bridal Box
I expected choosing my outfit to be a long and difficult process. Dusanka was recommended to me and her boutique was the first place I tried. As I didn't know what I wanted to wear we chatted about what I didn’t want before Dusanka collected together a selection of gowns. I tried on several very beautiful dresses but liked none more than the very first dress she had suggested. Shopping for clothes is not one of my favourite pass times but with Dusanka’s guiding me, choosing my dress and shoes was pure pleasure.

Stationary by White Fire Brides
Choosing the invitations was a long and difficult process. Jon had very definite ideas about what he wanted and it was not to be found in any High Street stationers. Eventually I contacted the Oxford Calligraphers Society, who put me in touch with Lynn. Lynn came up with a designed for hand made stationary completely satisfied Jon’s requirement for something simple but with a personal touch.

Flowers by Faith in Flowers
I'd searched online for a local florist. After viewing dozens of uninspiring websites, I finally found one that seemed to offer something more personal. From our first meeting, I was confident that Melanie was the right choice. We came up with a design for the table floral arrangements at that first meeting, but when we met at the venue to finalise arrangements it was apparent that they were not right. Completely unfazed, Melanie quickly assessed the room and came up with stunning new ideas.

Transport by Nostalgia Travel
We saw a vintage bus in town one day. I said to Jon, “I think we should hire that for the wedding.” Jon said, “I agree.” We don’t usually make decisions that easily! The bus is beautifully maintained, the driver was friendly and professional and travelling to the wedding with our guests was so much fun.

Catering by The Chequers Inn
We wanted the reception to be in the village so that we could walk home after the meal and continue the celebrations in the garden. We also wanted to support the village restaurant but more than this, we knew that Andy is an exceptional chef and would prepare a wedding feast to remember. He and his staff exceeded our expectations.

Cake by My Aunty Ann
I was delighted when Ann offered to make our wedding cake; her cakes are delicious. Ann designed the cake and I was so pleased when I saw how pretty it was. Thank you very much Ann.

The cake stand and vase are the same ones used at my parents wedding. They belonged to my Grandfather who was a master baker. Like Jon and I, Mum and Dad had a simple wedding but Granddad made them wedding cake that could have been the centerpiece of any society wedding. Four tiers, iced in the latest fashion on his silver-plated, mirror topped stand and topped with a vase of carnations and cascading fronds of asparagus fern. It must have looked spectacular. I believe it was the last wedding cake he made, as he died just a few weeks after their wedding.

The fact our wedding day was so perfect is down to these wonderful people. They didn’t simply do what was necessary; they each went that extra mile. It wasn’t their wedding day, they had no vested interest but because they care so passionately about what they do, they wanted to do their very best for us. Thank you all so much.

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Chloe Patricia said...

Hello Carol-Anne, happy wedding! I am Chloe Patricia, a thimble maker, whoes blog you kindly visited and left comments before, and who was too rude not to respond until now and I am sorry. I am so happy for you. Look forward to your next post. Thank you. Chloe Patricia