Thursday, 11 June 2009

Guest Speaker, Maggie Grey

The excellent Maggie Grey rounded off a wonderful year of speakers. I have been following MagStitch since day one and was really looking forward to hearing her talk. I was not disappointed. The talk was entitled 'Old Walls and Painted Halls' but honestly I think Maggie could have inspired and entertained us just talking about dust bunnies!

The talk was well illustrated by a slide and video show delivered by Maggie's husband, Clive. In fact the talk and pictures were so well coordinated that you could have forgotten Clive was even there but for the occasional banter between husband and wife. The slide show began in Port Merion and took us on a tour of holiday destinations and the buildings, art and architecture that has inspired Maggie's work. Intermingled with these were pictures of the sketches, preliminary samples, intermediate and finished pieces. What impressed me most was that this was not a 'this is what I have made' talk but a 'this is how I made this' talk. Throughout Maggie explained at length the materials and techniques used. I came away with a head full of InkAid, transfer paints, soluble paper and embellishing machines.

Throughout this year we have had a program of interesting, inspiring and entertaining speakers. Maggie ticked all the boxes with an enthusiasm that cannot fail to inspire you.

Happy Stitching

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