Sunday, 28 September 2008

Fabulous Fob Dangles

My friend from the Embroiderer's Guild, Ann, held another beading class this weekend. This time Angela and I attended together. The classes are always enjoyable but having a good friend there makes them that bit more pleasurable.

In the morning we made a sculptural peyote necklace. The necklace is made from a coordinated beads in various shapes and sizes stitched in a random order. Anyone who knows me knows that random does not come easily to me, my brain is not wired that way.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the beading and am not displeased with my effort.

The subject of the afternoon’s class was Fabulous Beaded Fobs. There are six different fobs but we were only making three in this class. Or rather Ann demonstrated three and we began one but there was not sufficient time to complete them during the class. I made a good start on the fringed peyote tube during the afternoon and was able to complete it that evening.

There is nothing random here; it is all counting and regular stitching, the type of work my brain can cope with once settled into the rhythm.

I think this is really pretty.

The second fob, which I made during the evening, looks kind of random but is actually not.

There is a regular pattern to follow that increases the number of beads in each row. As there are more beads on one edge than the other, the fob twists and distorts to try to fit every thing in to give this irregular ruffled appearance.

I like how random looks but when it comes to doing I’m much more suited to regular.

Happy Stitching

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