Monday, 21 July 2008

Needlepoint Group Project 1

The Stitchin Fingers' needlepoint group are doing a group project. I don’t think that there are many of use doing it, but hey, it is summer in the northern hemisphere and a lot of people are in holiday mode.

The chosen project is the American Needlepoint Guild’s 1999 stitch of the month, otherwise none as Barbara's Patchwork. Each stitcher can chose their own colour scheme and the fabric, some of the more experienced needlepointers may even elect to change some of the stitches but every one must stick to the original log cabin grid.

July 31st is the deadline for choosing your colour scheme and stitching the outline, the remainder of the stitching should be complete by August 31st.

I have chosen a blue and peach colour scheme. I have used DMC cotton perle #5 in shade 90. For the peach shades (colour A) I have chosen DMC floss in shades 741, 743 and 745. The blues (colour B) will be stitched in shades 796, 798 and 800 DMC floss. I also selected a Steff Francis viscose ribbon in pale blue but when I tried to stitch the outline with it, it proved too thick for the canvas. Instead I stitched the outline in the #90 cotton perle.

The center square is stitched in slanted gobelin with scotch stitch in each corner.

Area B has 3 flowers created around Smyrna cross centers.

Area C is based around an elongated cross stitch and irregular Smyrna cross stitch.

Happy Stitching


Cheryl said...

I love your color choices for this project. Isn't it amazing how different the same pattern looks in different colorways?

napaneedlepoint said...

Your piece is lovely. I wish I wasn't so far behind so I could do this one too.

Keep Stitching,