Thursday, 22 May 2008

Two Halves of a Strawberry

The second half of the strawberry seemed to take me even longer than the first! The stitching shrank away from the edge of the shell, probably because I made the tension too tight. I now have a gap all around the edge, but that is all right, from conception I envisaged something on that edge. The next step is to join the two halves and to line them. I have some instructions on how to do this but can’t quiet get my head around them. I may leave it for a few days to work on my May TIF, while I mull it over.

Happy Stitching


Melissa said...

Ooo They are looking beautiful!

Anonymous said...

They look lovely what are you doing next

Paul Sears Photography said...

wow - that's beautiful. I'm going to forward this to my wife - she would just love it!

KV said...

These are amazing, Carol!

Kathy V in NM

Kimberly Servello said...

Hi Carol,

It appears that I 'm 5 years late in seeing these strawberries, but I just had to tell you how lovely they are! Your choice for the top stitch combined with the layered stitches, and even the fabric show-through, have perfectly evoked the look of real strawberries!

Well done!