Saturday, 9 February 2008


© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

© JEC/Carol-Anne Conway

Both of these clouds are stitched with two lines of staggered diagonal stitch. The top pic was stitched nearly a year ago when I first began Venerable Friends. The second pic was stitched today. Do you see any improvement? I think I do.

Happy Stitching


Jeanne said...

Carol-Anne, I don't know enough about JE to know what to look for, but I'm sure there's been improvement!

Thanks for the inspiration! I've awarded you a "You make my day" award! Check out my latest blog post (Feb 10) for details.

Elisabeth Braun said...

Lovely blog! I love the Japanese style and your header picture is glorious. Did you stitch that?

Maybe you'd like to join my 'Fine Embroidery' webring?? Details on my blog.

Greetings from misty Yorks!