Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Right Wing Revisited

When I first completed the stitching on the right forewing, I was rather pleased with it. It was my best attempt at long and short stitch and I thought the dark blue and light blue had blended well. I have left the last section of the wing for now as I am thinking I might try something different there. I turned my attention to the left forewing. Even as I worked it, I felt the stitching was better than on the right wing by the time stitched to the same stage as the right wing, there was a noticeable difference between the two wings. I am always reluctant to unpick work and redo it. I was especially reluctant to here. It took a long time for me to do the stitching and I was not certain that I would make as good a job the second time. When I showed J my progress, he commented on the difference between the two wings. It had to come out! (J is complimentary about my work, but I can depend on him to give an honest critic when necessary. He knows that this project is very import to me, and that I want it to be the best I can do.)

© Jennifer Ashley Taylor/Carol-Anne Conway

At first, I thought I would only need to remove the blended section, but kept removing progressively more until only the foundation row remained.

© Jennifer Ashley Taylor/Carol-Anne Conway

Before I removed the stitches, I tried to analyse why the left wing looked better than the right wing. I concluded that it was because the stitches lay in the same direction on the left wing but on the right wing the angle twisted slightly as I got closer to the body. The second time, I took more care to keep them in line.

© Jennifer Ashley Taylor/Carol-Anne Conway

As reluctant as I was to redo the wing, I am now pleased that I did. I think that I have made a better job of it the second time and the two wings look better matched now.

Happy Stitching


Melissa said...

Wow it's looking beautiful! Thanks for sharing about redoing sometimes it's hard to know when to let things slide or to redo but I think you did the right thing, it looks very smooth and even now!

Jo in NZ said...

You have done a great job with this, and the end result shows it. I am not brave enough to tackle this stitch in any kind of serious way.

Kate said...

Looks great! I hate taking things out, but your butterfly does look much more symmetrical.