Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Flutterbies, Blue trials

I love coincidences. It may be wishful thinking, but I believe that a coincidence is a good omen. I had decided to start with the blue butterfly that represents my second brother. I always envisaged that the top wings would blend from one shade of blue to another and the best way I know of doing that is long and short stitch. By coincidence long and short stitch is the TAST stitch this week.

In Japanese Embroidery, long and short stitch is an advanced technique, taught at level VII. I am on level III. I have done long and short before but have not been completely satisfied with my efforts, but ... but I really want to do the top wings of this butterfly in long and short stitch.

I decided to do a trial before I attempt the real thing. I traced the design onto calico which I stretched into a hoop. I used that same flat silk that I will use for the final embroidery.

First, I could not get the calico sufficiently tight in the hoop (and it does make a difference). Second, I was really struggling with the light. I could not understand why. I had my spot light on and I have used that many times before. It was only when I started to pack up that I realised that this was the only light I had on, no wonder I was struggling.

I am not totally satisfied with this and certainly want the final piece to be much better than this. Also, I want an larger area of light blue at the inside edge of the wing, but this has given me an indication of how it could look and I am reasonably please with the trial. I will however, wait until the weekend so that I can stitch in daylight.

Happy Stitching

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